Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Shadows Of Home

Shadows of Home

The Shadow sits in the corner, wearing a sill grin
Eating sweets and chocolate, drinking tonic with Djiin
Cards are playing gently, upon the tabletop
Troll with mixed vegetables, are cooking in the pot

The Clerics busy praying, the mage is reading a spell
The thief is picking pockets, the hobbits down the well
The Bard is busy singing a Ballard of our tale
The dwarf is solemnly drinking, from a giant’s pail

A jester walks into the inn wearing an idiot smile
Homer follows shortly, abandoning a gory pile
Upon the bar a bottle sits, a Gene dwells within
Upon the floor the dead remains - Abdul Ben Assassin

Fish bait dangling gently from a grappling hook
Whirled around a fighters head, the Gnome lands in the brook
An illusionist is casting up images of pork
Really, it’s annoying when one is half an orc

Cyber_Quill 13-3-88

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